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STAMPS TO SUIT EVERYONE, Issue 18Well yet again, its been a while since I have done an article like this, real life always seems to get in the way, deaths and college this time.
Anyway here we go again.
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January 18, 2013
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The Great Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 3:08 AM

First the news. And the news is that my elementals are finally done! ^^ You can find them in my gallery or just see below :)

Fire Elemental: Adena by CristaliaARTAir Elemental: Aura by CristaliaARTWater Elemental: Naiad by CristaliaARTEarth elemental: Terra by CristaliaART

 La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la

And now to the features. Some days ago I announced that I am making a free feature for those who want it! ^^ Here it is! :woohoo: Since there were so many respondents (Wow!)
, for the ease of looking at every picture, I have separated them into the groups of around 21. :) Which picture appears in which box was chosen at random. Take a look. There are manyyy great pictures here! :blowkiss:
P.S. If you feel it is too much for you to look at once, come back in a few days, this feature will be here for at least a week :)

:+fav: this journal to spread the word about the feature!!!

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Everything inside me by zzettaiiya 1.LazinessThe short brunette women sighed as she rolled away from her most recent project. She had gathered as many bits of electronics -- old cell phones, remote controls, even bits of computers and TVs -- as she could. She couldn't get what she needed to do this project, but she was improvising at the moment.
So far she had made a partly complete TARDIS control console. She was pretty proud of herself for being able to create such a complicated thing. She had fallen in love with the old blue box after she got a peek inside of it -- all the mechanics, the lights, the moving parts -- and instead of listening to the Doctor like she should have, she tuned him out and started to try and figure out how Idris, what both the Doctor and Jennifer (our short brunette), called the TARDIS, ticked.
She just wanted to pull her apart and then put her back together, but the Doctor would never let her do this. So she made her own to put together and then pull apart -- but it would never be the same. She just di
water dragon by AyshaArts

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The Best Love Song~
Not gonna raichu a love song
'Cause you'll nidoran for it
Not gonna tell you I love you
Even though you love mewtwo
I'd go back to you again
But I'm afraid to take a chansey

You can go around tossing insults
Tossing blast burns like a charizard
But don't you test my poliwrath
'Cause at times I can be quite tentacruel
Yeah, I -
You can go around tossing flame wheels
It's a big deal, like a blaziken
I won't give a damn and
I sure won't complain and
(Well, maybe I won't!)
But you rapidash'd away
I might be a slowpoke, hey
But I knew more than that to know
You're gonna stay
Not gonna raichu a love song
'Cause you'll nidoran for it
Not gonna tell you I love you
Even though you love mewtwo
I'd go back to you again
But I'm afraid to take a chansey

Wynaut go out with me
I didn't expect love to be this easy
But it's incredibly so tough
Put me to sleep with
Lifecycle of a Rose by MayEbonyIt hurts... by MyRedHead

:thumb338246900:Silver VS Silver by Marini4Vulpix by CkSketch
Battle-Ready Dragonair by RuwichFionna and Cake (Akatsuki ver.) by anime-lover05Rinjapine contest by knowitall123
Crashing waves before us by einsmanDennis(Hotline Miami) by Wonder-WaffleLOST 2 by LetsGoFar
CHEAP $1 or 80 Points Adoptables by likecolourpencilsCotton Candy by Sami-SizzlePurple Bones by Lion6255
square in the snow by coop500Deathlocket by kornelyteAbby by unicornomics
Adventures In Minecraft by KeyboardingChihuahua Re:Trout heart Replicai. Strain Theory
Strain theory states that people are conditioned to want success, though not all are given the means to achieve it.  When success cannot be reached, strain is created, which gives birth to deviance.  
"It's just a matter of trying hard enough."  Griseldis had told herself often, rejecting the idea.  She had tried hard enough to get various diplomas, find ways to pay for them, and start her life.  It was a strain, but there was no deviance - just a nice one bedroom apartment and more luxury than she had imagined herself having.  She had enough money to throw around and buy good food and provide for someone else.  
She had enough money to buy fancy lingerie, as silly a luxury it was.
Looking in the mirror, it was right.  It was flattering.  But it felt wrong.  Maybe because it wasn't gray, like she was used too.  Maybe because she had all these aspirations of that special Honeymoon, but she and the man were not a ver
More Than a Nightmare       For as long as I can remember, my dreams have always ended the same way. The dreams always turn nightmarish when some demonic-looking creature comes out and tries to kill me. Its appearance is always the same: a dark red, bleeding face that resembles a human skull resting on the body of a four-legged, black-haired beast. Its ear-shattering wail always alerted me of its presence. My dream is often normal up until it appears. Nothing bad happens, until a chill is sent down my spine, causing my body to become covered in goosebumps, which is when the monster appears and attacks me. I wake up in a cold sweat right before it kills me every time, along with fear throughout my whole body. After many years of dealing with it, I eventually learned to cope with it, but I'm still kind of afraid of what would happen if it got to me. However, they have become increasingly bothersome within the past week.
       A few days ago, I brought it up during lunch with my friends. There were only thre
Isa and the Silver Lady by Ella-Bella1Flutter Shy! by Lydia-Rawr

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The promised big feature! ^^ Take a look, there are many great works here! :w00t:
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